The Holiday season is upon us. Parties and social activities fill the days and nights. But getting lit isn’t the only way to infuse cannabis into the season. Here are our five faves.




1. Unplug from the Holiday Hoopla

Among all the Holiday joy and merry-making, this time of year is jam-packed with parties, events, shopping and errands, leaving little time for yourself. Quite frankly, the energy required to keep up with it all can be overwhelming. It’s important to take a pause and find some balance within the chaos. Cannabis can help. By restoring your energy and taking care of your mental health, you’ll be able to enjoy every moment this Holiday season brings. Even a few more hours with your weirder relatives from out of town.


It’s not just the to-do lists and bank statements that cause stress in December. The Holidays often bring up feelings of loneliness, even isolation. Again, cannabis is a great way to infuse a little positivity into those gloomy times. Studies done at Harvard show that unplugging and practicing mindfulness improves sleeping patterns, generates a healthier appetite, motivates you toward physical health, and creates a more positive mental outlook.


2. Cannabis-Inspired Creativity

The Holidays are a great opportunity to tap into your creative side. And we’re not talking about putting up a little Christmas tree at your workspace or stringing a set of lights around your front door. The only limit to creating homemade Holiday decorations is your own imagination. And what better way to fuel that creativity than by sparking up a daily dose of what keeps you focused and energized.


Need ideas for seasonal DIY projects you can do around the house? Look no further. Let’s start with home décor. Nothing helps create that special Holiday ambiance more than cannabis-scented candles. It’s easy to make your own. Maybe you’d rather try your hand at cannabis-themed ornaments you can hang on your tree. Another easy idea to try is a cannabis-themed wreath.




3. Bake and Get Baked

Ahh, the enticing aroma of home-baked treats. If you want to make this year’s Holiday goodies even better, infuse them with a little cannabis. We have distillate darts, which are perfect for infusing low-dose Holiday yummies – the highlight of any festive table. There are so many possibilities, from cookies and squares to barks and brittles. You’ll find tons of delicious recipes in Bong Appetit, and you can find a copy of it at our Flint chapter.


4. The Gift of Cannabis


CBD products are sure to please the cannacurious, wellness-obsessed, and pets on your list. The CBD bath bomb adds pure bliss to a daily ritual while nourishing and hydrating the skin. You’ll find them, among an array of other CBD products (available to purchase without a medical card), at your local Common Citizen chapter.


For the cannasseurs and friends that seem to have everything, surprise them with a quality accessory they wouldn’t buy for themselves, like the leather weekender pouch and Detroit Denim Co. tote bag.


If you’re still looking for that someone on your list who’s especially difficult to shop for, remember the one thing that’s perfect for almost anyone: Chocolate. There’s a reason it’s a perennial Holiday favorite. We can think of only one thing better than chocolate: CBD-infused chocolate.




5. Enjoy Shine-y New Traditions


Give your old traditions a new twist this year. While roasting chestnuts on an open fire; roast your flower in Shine 24-karat gold cones from our Flint chapter. Or have a Marijuanukkah and light up when you light up the menorah.


Whatever your Common State, we hope you have a joyous and peaceful Holiday season.