Cannabis in times of crisis

cannabis in times of crisis


“We are living in interesting times” feels like the most understated statement of the century”.   Some might call it desperate times. Similar to the Great Depression.


But all is not lost. Humanity has survived pandemics before. We are an incredibly resilient and resourceful species.


Especially us Michiganders. We’ve been put through hell before. And we’ve soldiered on. We’ve persevered. We have reinvented. And we will again. This time. Now. Because we are #michiganstrong.


It will take energy, our full attention and loads of creativity. It will take us feeling good enough to face the bad. Which is why we are incredibly grateful that Michigan Governor Whitmer has deemed cannabis an essential service.


Some may be wondering why did she? Perhaps this helps…


Simply put, cannabis can help people through really tough times. Here are a few examples:



Cannabis helps people manage chronic pain. With the Stay Home Stay Safe Order, many have been cut off from other chronic pain treatments such as physiotherapy or chiropractic care. Luckily, cannabis is a pain management option that can be consumed with social distancing.

“[Cannabis] takes the pain away. It really makes me feel like a whole different person. I feel brand new again.” – Erika G.


The dramatic shift in our day to day lives and routines, financial uncertainty, fear of food shortages, trying to home school our kids and guide them through this crisis emotionally, and most importantly not being exposed to the COVID-19 virus, can result in a great deal of added stress. What typically helps with stress – human connection and a sense of community – has become severely limited with the social distancing required to flatten the curve. Certain cannabis strains can provide relief from heightened stress levels.

“It keeps me going throughout the day, I work better on it. I feel like I do a bit of everything better.” – Jon B.


Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide. Anxiety is America’s most widespread mental illness, affecting 18% of Americans each year in ‘normal’ times. Many people find a natural way to help manage their anxiety and depression with cannabis.

“It just helps me relax and bring my elevated mood down to something more even.”- Cara R.


When things in our lives or the world are uncertain, when we feel fear or stress, it can interfere with our sleep. Many find that cannabis helps them get a better night sleep.

“I have trouble sleeping so I take some CBD oil to relax me, and that immediately helps me get ready for a good night’s sleep.” – Eric Z


There is much to think about and process during this COVID-19 situation, and much to do in new and different ways than we’ve done before. It all takes energy. There are cannabis strains that can help with attention and focus. There are some that feed your creativity.

“[Cannabis] helps me open up my mind to a different thought process.” – Rodney C.

TAKING A BREAK. . Now more than ever, we all need to take a break. To give ourselves a break. To find a moment of calm, a momentary escape from the pressure on all of us during this crisis, or simply to have a little fun. Cannabis is a great natural way to do so while abiding by the Stay Home Stay Safe Order.

“Instead of my glass of wine at the end of a long day, I’ll take a little hit of a bowl.” – Celine B.

The world is only now beginning to really understand the potential of this little plant to heal, and the wide variety of benefits the various consumption options provide. Thus, we always encourage anyone new to cannabis to start slow, with a low dose of a product that is best suited to your individual needs.


If would like a personal consultation, you can reach out to any of our dispensaries (that we like to call chapters). Each is a chapter in the grand story of bringing the benefits of cannabis to Michiganders. A greater quality of life for all.