Michigan Medical Marijuana Card

Cannabis has been legal in Michigan since December 2018, and more and more Michiganders are beginning to understand how cannabis can contribute to a greater quality of life – from natural pain management and symptom relief, to stress relief, to feeling focused or inspired day to day.

The state of Michigan has created a framework for the legal retail market that includes both medical marijuana provisioning centers as well as adult use stores, also known as recreational dispensaries.

Who is Eligible to Use Cannabis in Michigan?

Anyone 21+ can visit a recreational dispensary, learn more about the different types of cannabis products available, the various forms, strengths or potencies of effect, and how the benefit of consumption vary across the different flower varietals, application formats etc.

To be eligible for medical grade cannabis products however, while you can be 18+ you need to have a Michigan medical marijuana card. There are a significantly greater variety of products and potencies authorized in Michigan as physician-recommended herbal remedies than there are authorized for recreational use.



How to Apply for a Medical Card in Michigan

How hard is it to get a medical marijuana card in Michigan? Thankfully, it's remarkably easy to apply online. According to a recent report from the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency, there are roughly 285,000 registered medical marijuana cardholders across the state, an increase of more than 70% since 2012.


Interested in applying?

a) You can apply online directly with the Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) in Michigan by clicking here. You will need a recommendation from a physician.

b) If you do not already have a recommendation from a physician, you can make a phone appointment with a registered doctor such as Dr Saad.  Dr Hussein Saad is a Board Certified Family Medicine physician registered with the MRA, who is based in Detroit and can provide statewide recommendations. He can be reached at (313.465.9952). *



How to Purchase Medical Marijuana

Once you have a Michigan medical marijuana certification number, you are ready to visit any of the legal medical marijuana provisioning centers in the state of Michigan. Registered patients can legally possess up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis flower, or equivalent amounts of other cannabis products.


There are a wide variety of provisioning centers and dispensaries in Michigan. At Common Citizen, we put people first and ensure all the product we carry is high quality and safe to consume.


Whether it’s our own cannabis grown and processed right here in Michigan, or from another cannabis brand, we test all product prior to making it available for online ordering, or purchase at any of our retail stores we like to call chapters. Why chapters? We are on a mission to make cannabis accessible to and socially accepted by every Michigander and each retail location we open is one more chapter in that story.




Which Cannabis Products Are Best for Me

With the wide range of cannabis flower varietals, strains and genetics available, the variation in how quickly and how strongly the active ingredients take effect, and the many different consumption and application format options, determining where to start can be overwhelming.

Our highly-educated team of Citizen Advisors at each of our chapters are trained to know the best questions to ask to help you determine which products you may want to try first, depending on your lifestyle, health and wellness needs. If you are trying a product for the first time, they will explain what to do and how to use it and always encourage people new to cannabis to start exploring slowly. We welcome you to visit a chapter near you or to explore the products we offer online. For ease of understanding, all products are organized by the four most Common States, each representing the primary benefit or need those products satisfy.


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At any time if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you at 1.800.368.6858 or
[email protected]. All are welcome. We are cannabis for humanity.