Common Citizen Dispensary in Flint


Navigating a provisioning center is significantly easier when you know how to talk to your budtender.


A budtender (we call them Citizen Advisors) is a sales associate responsible for helping you find the best cannabis-related products to suit your needs. They’re highly-trained professionals who can help you with product information and consumption recommendations. Here are some questions to ask yourself — and your Citizen Advisor — before you commit to buying.



What’s my motivation for consuming?

Cannabis Motivation


Cannabis consumers visit their provisioning center for a variety of reasons. A patient undergoing chemotherapy will have very different questions than a canna-curious, recreational user. Whatever compelled your dispensary visit, going in with a clear purpose can help your budtender pinpoint the most relevant and effective products.


There are no wrong answers here — if you’re simply looking to get high on the cheapest flower available, that’s okay, too! We often have discounts and deals, so let us know if price is an issue. Our Citizen Advisors can help you find the best bang for your buck.



How much experience do I have?

Dispensary Experience


It’s always a good idea to let your budtender know if you’re new to cannabis. They can suggest lower THC doses and recommend products that are easier for a newbie to consume, like pre-rolls or vaporizers.



What’s my preferred way to consume cannabis?



We know smoking cannabis isn't as bad for your lungs as smoking cigarettes. However, not everyone likes to smoke, especially if you have compromised lung health or are using cannabis for medical reasons. There are plenty of smoke-free ways to consume cannabis and a ton of different products to suit your preferences.


Your needs will guide you in choosing your consumption method. If you suffer from arthritic pain, for example, you may opt for a topical cream. For headaches or inflammation, a tincture or vaporizer can provide instant relief. Got back pain? A CBD-heavy patch might do the trick. If you just want to get high without smoking, edibles could be a great choice!



Am I looking for psychoactive effects?

Note: Not everyone who uses cannabis is looking to “get high.” Many use CBD-dominant products to alleviate pain or anxiety without psychoactive effects. Common Citizen carries a range of CBD products — from tinctures and topicals to pet products and more — and you don’t have to “get high” to enjoy the effects.



How do I want to feel?



Indica, Sativa, or hybrid? Indica strains are known for their relaxing, sedative effects and can help relieve pain or anxiety. On the other hand, Sativa tends to be more uplifting and energetic, which can be great for social situations. Many strains are hybrids, sometimes with either Indica or Sativa listed as more dominant. Most products will also list the overall THC content or THC:CBD ratios — both of which will affect how you feel. More THC means more psychoactive effects, while a more even ratio will feel more balanced.


As long as you have a general sense of the feeling you’re hoping to achieve, your budtender can help guide you to the best products.


What do I want to do afterwards?




Similar to how you want to feel, think about what you’ll be doing after you consume cannabis. Are you looking to get into a creative flow state? Hanging out with friends? Or are you seeking relaxation and deep sleep?


Common Citizen’s products are helpfully labeled by feeling and activity. We call them “common states,” and they can help guide your purchasing decisions. To revitalize and focus, go for products labeled Daily Dose. To help with aches and pains, consider Sweet Relief. For fun and energy, opt for Time to Shine. To relax and unwind, check out the Unplug line.



How long do I want the effects to last?

Remember, each type of product will have its own duration time. For edibles, this means waiting at least 1.5 hours for the full effects to kick in post-digestion. It may take a while to activate, but the result will be a longer-lasting high of up to six hours. For tinctures, vaporizers, and smoking, you’ll encounter more immediate effects that last for a shorter amount of time, a couple of hours at the most.



Ask questions!



Above all, don’t be shy. Cannabis products are changing by the day, and we’re always stocking up on new, innovative products. Our Citizen Advisors are happy to answer any questions you may have.